As a designer, builder and painter for theatre, ballet and contemporary dance, Lindy’s work has been viewed across Canada, the United States and Europe through performance, video and film.  Her work, particularly as a costume designer, emphasizes an organic approach both in evolution and construction, resulting in costumes with intrinsic individuality of place and purpose.

Currently, Lindy is producing a series of ‘fabricated sculptures’ rendered in the form of 3-dimensional, fabric collage wall hangings.  Lindy has had three solo exhibitions of her sculpture series, at ‘new’ Gallery in the Distillery, at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in conjunction with “evanescence”, a contemporary dance premiere, and at the Gallery in the Grove of her home town in Sarnia.  Emerging from her theatre years, invention, construction and artistry have combined to form a unique and distinctive art form.

Lindy herself emerged many years ago from OCA (now OCAD University) with a special interest in painting and ink work, from Ryerson Theatre School in theatrical design, and from the University of Guelph where she received a degree in English Literature.