World of Threads interview with Lindy Pole

The World of Threads has posted their complete interview with Toronto artist Lindy Pole. The interview covers Lindy’s artistic background, current work, influences, and much more. The complete interview can be found here.

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Artist Objective

As a designer and dressmaker, builder and painter for theatre, ballet and contemporary dance, Lindy’s work has been seen widely across Canada, United States and Europe through performance, video and film. Her work, particularly as a costume designer, emphasizes an organic approach both in evolution and construction resulting in costumes with an intrinsic individuality. Continue reading

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“Observations from a friend” by Holly Small

Choreographer’s Statement by Holly Small

I have known the artist Lindy Pole practically my entire adult life. She was the costume designer for my first professional dancing job back in 1979. It was about a year later, when I asked her to design the costumes for my first commissioned choreography, that I became acquainted with the depth of her artistic vision and the breadth of her technical skill not only as a designer of sets and costumes, but also as a painter and a maker of fantastical, unclassifiable creations of fabric, paper, feathers, fine metals, glass, dyes, pigments and any other materials that serve her purpose. Continue reading

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